2018 World Championships

Start lists + RESULTS (SA+FT): https://1drv.ms/w/s!AqiBj-8uDJFzhrpSSEHrVzcB9H6YoA

Start lists + RESULTS (HHU): https://1drv.ms/w/s!AqiBj-8uDJFzhrsdzEXMPQ-O-1ZWFw


Dead line for registration is 25th of September 2018.
Please respect this dead line. After the dead line no registration will be accepted.

Participation fee is 40 € per competitor/coach/team manager etc. and should be paid before the event via bank account (based on issued invoice).

Non-member participation fee is 80 € per competitor/coach/team manager etc.

How to register (Sport Aerobics & Fitness)

Do not forget to use newest version of FRF on http://www.polarcz.com/frf and send an email with your frf registration to: frf@centrum.cz before 25th of September 2018.

SA competitors must fill in their skill lists before 25th of September 2018.


Sports Aerobics & Fitness - FISAF International Use of Electronically Submitted Music

Music is to be sent by the athlete/coach, via the browser, together with the athlete’s skill list.
Both are required at least three weeks prior to the competition.

The system will automatically recognize the duration and bpm (beats per minute) of the music. In the case that music that is outside the allowable range, the athlete/coach will be notified and will be allowed to resubmit a corrected version. This corrected version must be sent no later than seven days before the competition.

It is mandatory that the athlete/coach will bring a copy of the music (which is identical to that submitted) to the competition. This copy must be on a flash drive/USB with the file in MP3 or WAV format.

All music files will be destroyed after the competition using two methods;
From flash disc by Josef and a TC member
From OneDrive by the athlete/coach

Number of entries

For the Official European/World Competition, the limit of entries is according to the FISAF International Sports Aerobics and Fitness Technical Regulations and Event Policy:

  • 3 women, 3 men, 3 duos, 3 trios,
  • 3 fitness aerobic performance, 3 aerobic grande, 3 step teams per country in each age category.

Please, make sure that your country representative officially confirms all nominated Cadet, Junior and Senior/Adult competitors from your country.

If you have more information regarding registration, do not hesitate to contact FISAF International Main Office: info@fisafinternational.com