FISAF International Executive Committee


Jana Havrdová from Czech Republic (elected at General Assembly in Belgrade 2013)

Vice President

Musta Elbahi from Denmark (elected at GA 23rd of October 2016)

Executive Committee Members

Stella Diblik, France (elected at GA 23rd of October 2016)

Tatiana Polukhina, Russia (elected at GA 23rd of October 2016)

Tracey Speville, Australia (elected at GA 23rd of October 2016)

Dubravko Turk, Serbia (elected at GA 23rd of October 2016)

Dany Deren, Switzerland (elected at GA 26th of October 2014)

FISAF International Technical Committee

Chair - Tanya Houpt – New Zealand

Vice Chair - Jana Hájková – Czech Republic


Donovan Muller – South Africa

Emanuela Abate - Italy

Irina Zinovyeva - Russia

Nathalie Schäfer - Switzerland

Sandi Carmichael - Australia

FISAF International Hip Hop Technical Committee

Chair - Musta Elbahi, Denmark

Vice Chair  - Stef Ferrest, Belgium


Svatava Kobzová, Czech Republic

Minja Turk, Serbia

Ekaterina Roghozina, Russia

Andreas Maintz, Germany

FISAF International Educational Committee

Chair - Robert Krizanovic, Serbia

+ representatives of these countries: Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland.